About Hannah

I’m a commercial photographer and visual marketing expert based in London who loves to create authentic imagery that really communicates your brand story to potential clients. I create professional headshots, executive headshots and corporate headshots for entrepreneurs and influencers. I’ve been a professional photographer for over a decade and work alongside businesses, big and small.

I’m most inspired by the beauty of every day life and as such I’ve always been drawn towards creating lifestyle photography. During my time as an entrepreneur this has taken on different guises – working alongside marketing teams or a PR company as a lifestyle photographer, photographing influencers for retail brands and working in visual marketing and shoot production for national brands. This path has slowly but surely led me towards creating beautiful and effective imagery for businesses. I love the process of working with a business to help them realise their dream of beautiful photography for their brand or alongside them when they’re not so marketing savvy to help them isolate what it is that makes them special so that they can successfully communicate that to potential clients through inspiring imagery.

I love the process of putting together the very first mood boards and seeing it right through to the implementation of the final images across their website, social media and other marketing mediums.

Want to discuss how I might be able to help you and your brand? Contact me to book a free, no obligation discovery call today.

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