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Personal branding photography is more than just a headshot – it is the way to make the very best impression with your brand.

If you’re anything like me, then you’d rather do anything than have to stand in front of a camera! I understand! In fact, I used a photograph of a chair as my profile picture across social media for years as the thought of taking that leap to move my business forwards and hire a photographer just made me feel uncomfortable. I convinced myself that I could be invisible and let my work speak for itself. When I realised and accepted that I am my brand, and imagery can help to quickly communicate who I am to potential clients, I realised that I needed to book a shoot and I’m so glad that I did.

We’re entrepreneurs and that’s precisely why we need to spend wisely in ways that will make the most impact for our brands. The very best quality images, taken by a professional photographer who knows to effectively capture everything that your business is and aspires to be really communicate who you are to your clients. It encourages them to stop, read your story and connect with you. It can narrate the very heart and soul of your business, it can make your website look like the premium brand that it really is and it can make your stand taller that your competitors.

As a woman in business, I understand how photography plays a key role in how your business comes across online. I have one goal – creating images that really resonate with your clients. I create beautiful personal branding photos for your business in London, throughout the UK and Europe.

Pricing for a personal branding session starts at just £1000. Get in touch to schedule a discovery call this week!

How would the best in branding imagery transform your business? Send me a message via my contact page to connect and find out more!

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